Wage Protect

Comprehensive support for wage workers, safeguarding their well-being and shielding them from financial uncertainties and risks.
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India's 195 million + daily wage workers work an average 27 days per month to make ends meet.

They have no safety net to deal with common issues that can cause someone to miss a day of work.

To address this gap, we created wage protect, a plan that protects their income from common unpredictable risks


Coverage that keeps
your workers secure

Wage Support

Provide a comprehensive financial support package to protect your workers against wage losses due to accidental injuries, vehicle breakdowns, floods, etc
Wage Support

Health & Wellness

Ensure complete care with unlimited doctor tele-consultations, annual health check-ups, discounts on medicines and doctor visits at partner centres

The assurekit advantage

Our plans go beyond protection, they solve your customers pain points and helps them feel secure. With us, you get:

Boost productivity

People perform best when they're not worried about finances. Offering a financial safety net provides peace of mind, enabling them to focus fully on their objectives.

Retain and acquire top talent

The best seek companies that care about their well-being. Offering a supportive program positions your company as a top choice.

Build brand trust

Offering a protection plan shows you’re a company that cares. This helps build trust and positive word of mouth, making your brand stand out more in the market


Our claims process is simple

Raising a claim is easy, your customers has to:


Tell us what happened
Answer some simple questions, so that we can understand the event


Upload Documents
Next, give us any bills or evidence that shows what happened


File a Claim
After that, we'll take care of the rest and help you get your claim

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