Our story

Building Insurance 2.0

AssureKit was created during a global crisis which showed us the importance of having good protection in our lives. The world is changing, and so are the risks we face every day. There is a clear need for insurance that deals with everyday problems and today's risks, which is what we are building Assurekit for; Offering protection that matters. We give businesses the tools to provide their customers with easy-to-use, relevant protection. Our platform makes it simple to get the right protection, designed for each person's unique situation.
We’re focused on finding the best ways to keep people safe, leading to a more secure future for everyone. By working with businesses to include protection right where it's needed, we're making protection a part of everyday life. Our goal is to create a future where everyone can feel safe and protected, easily.
The People
of Assurekit

Meet the team that makes it all happen.

Our Investors
  • saama
  • mayfield
  • kae-capital
  • 1947-rise
  • cloud-capital
  • jj-family-office