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Complete care for merchants, promoting well-being and financial security, even during crises.
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There are over 333 million merchants in India, many of whom are often excluded from conventional banking and insurance protections.

With 89% of Indian households relying on a single income source, loss of income becomes a major issue

To address this gap, we created merchant protect, a plan focused on merchant well-being, ensuring that they maintain income stability even in crisis


Coverage that keeps
your merchants secure

Income Support

Provide a comprehensive financial support package to protect your merchants against income loss due to accidents, floods, earthquakes, civil unrest, and fire incidents.
Income Support

Health & Wellness

Ensure complete care for your network with 24/7 doctor tele-consultations, annual health check-ups, and discounts on medicines and doctor visits at partner centres.

The assurekit advantage

Our plans go beyond protection, they solve your customers pain points and helps them feel secure. With us, you get:

Drive merchant loyalty

When merchants aren't worried about unexpected income loss, they're more likely to stick with your platform. They'll see you as a reliable partner, leading to long-term loyalty

Deliver real value

Adding our plan helps your product meet needs more effectively. Merchants receive more than service; they gain real support and security, making your offering stand out.

Attract and retain the best

Covering real concerns like income loss makes your platform more attractive to high-performing merchants. They see you as a dependable partner, giving you an edge.


Our claims process is simple

Raising a claim is easy, your customers has to:


Tell us what happened
Answer some simple questions, so that we can understand the event


Upload Documents
Next, give us any bills or evidence that shows what happened


File a Claim
After that, we'll take care of the rest and help you get your claim

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