What do we do?

Assurekit is built with a clear focus to take insurance distribution in India to the next level. If you, as a business want to distribute insurance, it means months of development, loads of investment and a lot of confusion.

At Assurekit, we build the right tools for you - so all you focus on, is your business.

Insurance Distribution system
How did we start?

99% of insurance policies are still sold face to face in India*

Lack of structures makes insurance distribution in India time-consuming and expensive. To help businesses save both of them, our young team came up with Assurekit. Made with the mission to build the right systems for insurance.

It’s a hefty task but we’ve decided on doing it and doing it right.

How assurekit Insurance Distribution started
innovating for innovation
Who are we?

We’re a team of innovators working to give other innovators the infrastructure to build. If that sounds complex you really should be at our “tea breaks” where our discussions are driven by ideas, problem statements, and how things work. What really drives us is the want to create.

Together, we’re focused on building a simpler insurance structure in India.

what is assurekit Insurance Distribution system